we are very proud to carry

select handmade goods from:

Ugly Bunny

Gillian Wilson

Happy Camper

Moonlight for Violet

White Feather Designs


Where did the idea for a mobile shop come from?

the purchase of this trailer  in the fall of 2011 was fueled by big dreams to one day own a store, to sell hand-picked vintage attire, as well as handmade goods.

after dwelling on the challenge of renting a pricey store front in toronto, we became largely inspired by Lodekka (a dress shop in a double-decker bus in Portland, Oregon) --- a mobile shop is a practical solution that suits our life-style.

bright-brown vintage isn't the first of it's kind. there are several other amazing mobile stores around the continent: HaberdashVintage, Wanderlust, and Honeybean Mobile Boutique, just to name a few.

What is the brand and year of the trailer and where did you get it?

the trailer is a 1960 'General' Made in Canada.

bought in Essex County, Ontario.

Who renovated the trailer?

gin did! with major help from her family. this was her first time gutting and renovating anything.

"i have my parents & brothers to thank for keeping their eyeballs peeled and finding this beauty, for transporting the trailer for me when i didn't have means to, for offering countless hours of help and labour, and for allowing me to store it in their barn. there is a long list of things i can go to to thank my family for...without their gentle advice and extreme support this dream never would have come true. thank-you dad, mom, trev, spenc & greg."

Where does bright-brown operate?

we take sales wherever we possibly can: vintage sales, flea markets, fairs, music festivals, private parties, photo shoots...and any other opportunities that present themselves. right now we sell regularly at monthly markets in Toronto, and likely in Windsor starting spring 2015. check out our on-the-road listings for a regularly updated list of upcoming sales.

Where do you find your inventory?

we are avid thrift shoppers...and have been since we can remember!

What do you sell?

we have a ever growing beautiful collection of vintage clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, vinyl, and housewares, as well as handmade jewelry and art objects made by White Feather Designs, Moonlight for Violet, Gillian Wilson, and Ugly Bunny.

More questions?

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